Spray Foam Insulation for Van Conversions

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Campervan Insulation

You've made the right choice. At RIS ltd we can provide all the insulation and anti condensation measures you need to keep you warm and dry.

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Protection From Condensation

Protection From Heat Loss

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Camper Van Spray Foam Insulation

The Process
before camper van insulation

First one of our friendly and reliable team members arrive with protective gear.


Next, using class 1 fire rated closed cell spray foam we can create a seamless bond of insulation sprayed directly to the van sides, walls and floor.

spray foam insulation inside camper van

And within 2 hours your van is ready to go.

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Why do you need camper van insulation?

  • If you are going to be spending extensive periods of time in your campervan then insulation is a necessary step. When we are carrying on with our daily lives inside our homes there is a condensation build up, we may not notice this as our homes tend to be well ventilated. However cooking and breathing inside a small campervan can cause a condensation build up. Campervan insulation provides a protective vapour barrier. The idea of this vapour barrier is to prevent moist air, from cooking for instance, from reaching cold surfaces. Comfort no matter the weather is a luxury spray foam insulation can provide. A campervan experiences the following types of heat loss; Radiation - heat transfer through electromagnetic waves, Convection - heat transfer through fluid or gas movement and Conduction - heat transfer through a material. In the winter, less heat will escape your campervan and in the summer the insulation will prevent an excessive heat build up.

  • What is the R-Value of campervan spray foam insulation?

    The R-value is the value assigned to a material's ability to resist heat flow. It is determined by a ATSM C518 test and written as “X per inch”, in this case campervan spray foam insulations R-value is 6.5 per inch meaning 2 layers will provide 13.0 R-Value.

Getting The Job Done Properly

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  • If you've just bought a new camper van or are looking at a refurb of your existing one, there's nothing better than knowing you are warm and dry. If you have a quick Google, you might be tempted to do this yourself, some of the most common methods to insulating a camper van include using rigid boards. However, a lot of methods you see online are very time consuming and often cause a lot of mess.

    Here at RIS Ltd. we can complete the spray foam installation process on your camper van in under 2 hours with no mess and no fuss needed. For your additional comfort we can also come and pick your van up should you require.


We would recommend closed cell spray foam for effective camper van insulation. It is injected directly into the walls of your RV / Campervan. It is quick and easy to apply and very effective for keeping you warm in the winter months.

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