Metal Roof Insulation

Polyurethane foam insulation is the ideal solution to insulate new or old metal roofs, without the disruption of re-roofing or over-cladding. Spray foam insulation can be applied quickly and easily to providing insulation to metal roofs and preventing condensation with one application. Large or complex roofs can be insulated in a fraction of the time of other methods, the advanced formulation of foam spray also provides a more efficient layer of insulation on even the largest of areas. Many metal roofs suffer from problems of poor insulation, and the associated problems of condensation that brings, spray foam insulation can cure both of these problems with one simple application. Roofing Insulation Services’ foam spray is applied through specialised machinery as a heated liquid, this allows the foam to bond directly to the surface and also insulate into even the most awkward of nooks and crannies. Once the foam is applied as a liquid it will immediately begin to ‘cure’ into a rigid foam insulation, this process happens almost instantaneously and ensures an unbroken layer of insulation is adhered directly to the metal surface.

Due to the unique method of application, spray foam can be used on virtually any metal roof or wall to provide a complete layer of insulation which will eliminate any problems of condensation. Spray foam polyurethane insulation is widely used on metal roofs and walls, not only to keep buildings warmer in winter but also to keep them cooler in summer. As the foam is applied directly to the roof, even on profiled sheets, this allows the insulation to work more efficiently as a thermal barrier, without any cold bridges or air leaks. This unique insulating property means that spray foam allows for much more efficient temperature control in buildings with metal roofs and walls, including limiting heat gain from the metal in warmer months.

Spray foam insulation can offer many benefits over other forms of metal roof insulation, including:

  • Quicker, easier application
  • Easily applied to large, tricky areas
  • Adheres to virtually any metal roof or wall
  • More efficient temperature control, including keeping heat out in summer
  • Eliminates condensation problems
  • Complete layer of insulation, no air leaks or cold bridges
  • Limited disruption to workplace
  • Can bring old buildings to modern standards of insulationt
  • Can be used to seal openings and prevent birds or rodents from entering building

Because of our specialist knowledge of spray foam and its uses, we can help you every step of the way with your project. We not only provide a first class job at extremely reasonable prices, but we can work around your timescale and working practices. If you are interested in a specific project, why not arrange a survey today. All our surveys are free and come with no obligation, so you can get a fixed price quotation for your job at absolutely no risk to you