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Customer Review

"We had an impossible dome-shaped outhouse to insulate and were delighted to find someone willing to take it on! They worked through the snow and finished it in no time. We were amazed by the transformation from a cold, dank and musty hovel to a warm, dry and cozy space in less than 24 hours. Only wish we'd discovered RIS sooner!"

Alix Cooper


What We Do

Did you know that thousands of homes across the country are not properly insulated? From damaged roofs to inefficient wall cavity insulation. There’s no need to shop round, we are the one stop shop for all your domesticated spray foams needs including wall cavities, floors, roofs and ceilings.

If you’re building a new home or adding an extension to your property, you will need to meet building regulations. Our residential spray foam insulation is the best solution for your domesticated needs including attic insulation, new homes to barn conversion. We are a company you can trust to not break the bank. In fact our polyurethane expanding foam expands to 100 times its original size to fill every corner for the most effective thermal insulation. When you choose to protect your home with us, our spray foam will help you reduce heat loss and draughts in your property so reducing your energy bill.


As our foam insulation system is a spray applied system it reacts very quickly when applied, this prevents the foam from simply falling off a sprayed area. Due to the reaction times, spray foam cannot easily be used to ‘fill’ or ‘inject’ an area behind plasterboards or similar. As a basic rule of thumb, in order to spray an area you need to be able to see it.

No. When used to upgrade the insulation of a roof, spray foam is sprayed across the whole roof and down into the eaves to create a ‘warm-roof’. The system has been independently tested and found to more than satisfy BS:5250 2002 in respect of control of condensation in buildings. Where the foam insulation is used primarily for roof stabilisation and applied to a thinner nominal depth, ventilation at eaves level is maintained to ensure minimal risk of condensation.

Our spray foam insulation provides far less fire risk than the wooden elements in the roof. The system has been tested to British Standards and certified as a Class 1 fire rating, meaning that the foam is effective in resisting the spread of flame.

Sprayed foam insulation has been in use in the U.K. since the 1970’s as a roof bonding and stabilisation material. Our installers have over 25 years combined experience of domestic applications of spray foam, including all relevant training on roofs and equipment.

After the installation of spray foam your roof is bonded together into a continuous structure, this greatly reduces the chance of tiles breaking from impact damage etc. However, should a tile break for any reason it can be removed and replaced in the future, it just takes more effort than normal. We recommend cutting out the foam from the area of the tile and removing the tile from the outside, after replacement the tile can be sprayed back in place with foam.

Spray foam insulation can offer virtually any insulation value required, simply by altering the depth of the foam you can achieve as little or as much insulation as you require. As a rough guide, foam insulation offers around twice the insulation values of mineral wool, a roof without felt can be insulated to current Building Regulations for loft conversions with around 100mm of foam insulation on the roof alone.

No. Sprayed foam insulation has the same ‘breathability’ as hard wood so does not cause timbers to rot, in fact as foam insulation reduces the chance of surface and interstitial condensation your timber should have a prolonged life. If timbers are already damp, or have some form of rot or woodworm, they should be treated and allowed to dry before foam is applied. This allows the foam insulation to adhere to the surface correctly, thus ensuring a fully maintained layer of insulation.

Spray foam insulation is not used as an internal waterproofing product on domestic roofs. When working on domestic roofs, our installers will carry out all necessary roof repairs before installing foam insulation, this allows us to guarantee the roof for 25 years against water ingress. Foam insulation is used to bond the roof after we have carried out any necessary repairs, our installers will make your roof waterproof before the foam is applied.

When used externally on industrial buildings or similar, foam insulation can be used to waterproof a roof. This is only when the foam is applied externally and covered in a suitable coating, this is not recommended for domestic roofs.

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