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What We Do

If you are a boat owner, you need to know about marine flotation. Spray foam has become an incredibly popular choice for marine insulation. Our marine spray foam is perfect for insulating, stabilising and controlling condensation in any boat. The closed cell nature of the material guarantees that the foam will not be affected by water making it a must have for all boat owners.

This marine grade foam has a unique liquid application and expands within seconds to the required thickness. The buoyancy foam is designed to get to the trickiest of places and fill all the gaps when it expands to form a rigid insulation. The marine grade foam has excellent thermal properties which allows the boat to stay cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter.

The polyurethane spray is manufactured to a Class 1 fire rating with BS476 Part 1 to ensure the ultimate safety against fire, it is also non-toxic and CFC free.


Yes. Spray foam insulation is the number one insulating product used in the marine industry. It can be used on any size vessel from canal boats to large ships. Because spray foam expands into every nook and cranny it's actually has high cost saving benefits as well as being an excellent insulator.

Yes there is a fully waterproof buoyancy foam. The buoyancy foam assists in floatation support and the foam expands quickly forming a watertight seal.

Closed cell spray foam is most commonly used on boats. The foam, also known as SPF, when sprayed forms and airtight seal and is known to have a high R value.

25mm of spray foam is recommended for the insulation of a boat.

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