Spray Foam Roof Insulation

Spray foam roof insulation is one of the most efficient thermal insulation products available on the market today, around twice the value of glass fibre for the same thickness. Polyurethane spray foam is applied as a liquid to the inside of your roof, allowing it to seek and seal any gaps and get into any nook and crannie, before rapidly curing to form a continuous layer of rigid foam insulation which also bonds and seals your roof preventing any slippage of slates/tiles.

Rigid foam insulation is not only one of the most efficient forms of insulation available, saving you money on heating, but also offers:

  • 25 Year written guarantee on your roof, insurance backed for 10 years
  • Keep your loft warmer in winter and also cooler in summer
  • Stop dust and wind blown rain being blown into your loft
  • Prevent old mortar pointing falling off the inside of your roof
  • Turn your loft into a cleaner more useable space
  • Prevent condensation problems
  • Help prevent allergens entering your property
  • Extend the life of your roof

With the increasing amount of concern regarding global warming, one of the most important elements of change identified by the Government is the insulation of older properties. Modern Building Regulations set stringent standards for the insulation needed in new buildings, however older buildings are not covered by these standards yet still produce an enormous amount of this country’s carbon emissions. Therefore the Government has identified older properties as a major area for improvement in our fight against global warming. Using spray foam insulation you can not only drastically improve the insulation in your home, thereby cutting your carbon emissions, you can also improve your peace of mind and gain valuable space at the same time.

Roof foam insulation can be applied either directly onto the inside of slates/tiles, or alternatively to the inside of a roof membrane. When applied directly to the inside of a roof membrane, spray foam insulation will provide excellent thermal insulation without the need for cutting, fitting and sealing which is found with rigid board insulation. When used on the underside of a domestic roof, spray foam insulation will turn your roof from a cold to a warm-roof, allowing you to transform your loft into a more useable space. As the foam is applied to the roof rather than the floor of your loft, the loft space will be warmer, cleaner and more draught-free, making it a much more pleasant area to be used for any purpose. Installing spray foam insulation to your roof allows insulation values to be achieved without the need to install mineral wool insulation above the level of the floor joists, allowing your roof space to have a solid floor to be used for storage without having to install extra joists. Sprayed foam roof insulation also has the added benefit of preventing both water ingress from the outside and condensation build-up on the inside, increasing the comfort of the loft and the longevity of the roof itself. Due to the nature and installation technique of sprayed foam, condensation – both surface and interstitial – is negligible even in the most severe winter conditions. Coupled with our guarantee on your roof, spray foam insulation should drastically increase the longevity of your roof and comfort of your loft space.

As well as insulating and protecting your roof, Roofing Insulation Services can also offer to supply and fit a full range of Velux roof windows. Adding natural light to your loft can make even a storage area much more pleasant to be in, it also offers the scope to transform your loft into a space for virtually any purpose either now or in the future.

Avoid Re-Roofing Costs

Roof ageing can cause many different problems on a domestic property, which can sometimes lead to leaks and problems inside the house. Many people believe that the only solution is to completely strip and re-lay the roof in order to prevent these problems happening again, however, roofing alternatives are available and we have a more modern solution to these problems. Spray foam insulation offers a quicker, easier and more cost effective solution to these roof problems without the need for all the disruption.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Leaking roof
  • Slipped, cracked, broken or missing slates/tiles
  • Lead flashings leaking or missing on chimneys or valleys
  • Ridge or hip tiles cracked, broken or missing
  • Hip irons corroded or missing
  • Hip tiles slipping down
  • Hip and ridge tiles need re-pointing
  • Perished roof felt
  • No roof felt in place
  • Mortar falling off inside of roof
  • Storm or wind damage to roof
  • Battens or timbers starting to rot

If so then we could help. Rather than re-roofing a property, we offer a roofing alternative. We can carry out any remedial repair works required to the roof before installing spray foam insulation to the roof interior.

No Roof Felt

The majority of properties over 50 years old have no roof felt or membrane of any kind underneath the roof tiles, provided that the property has not been re-roofed more recently of course. A lot of older properties also have a mortar pointing of kinds on the inside of the roof, usually ending up on the floor of the loft after a while. Having no roof membrane, or having underpointing, on the roof does not in itself present a problem with the roof. Some roofing or building companies, and sometimes building surveyors, will tell you that a property must have a membrane and therefore any without need re-roofing. This is not the case in the vast majority of properties, as they have had no membrane since they were built. On modern roofs, which are fitted with breathable membranes, if a problem occurs with the roof leading to water coming through, the membrane acts as another line of defence and will re-direct the leak down to the gutter. Older properties with no membrane do not have this defence and therefore the leak comes straight through to the inside, can get messy but at least you know there is a problem. When a membrane is constantly re-directing leaking water, the lifespan of the membrane will be greatly reduced and will eventually perish.

If you have an older property which has no roof felt, or your felt has perished or begun to, our spray foam insulation system can help. Provided that your roof is repaired by us prior to installation, spray foam will replace the need for a membrane and will also guarantee your roof, something which a membrane cannot. Foam insulation can also be used over old mortar underpointing, this will seal and guarantee the roof as well as stopping the old mortar falling into your loft.

Spray foam insulation applied directly to the inside of your roof, to the relevant depth, will prevent any future leaks through the treated areas, it will also prevent condensation forming on the roof interior. Sprayed foam roof insulation will effectively seal your loft area creating a warm-roof when installed to the relevant depth, this prevents the build up of condensation even in the most severe winter weather and will protect timbers from moisture damage.