Spray Foam Insulation & Domestic Tiled Roof

Spray foam roof insulation was used on this property to both stabilise and insulate the tiled roof. The loft was to be used as an extra room in the house but without a staircase, allowing the home-owners extra storage and usage space without the expense of a full loft conversion.

Case Study

This property was a 3 bedroom semi-detached house with a clay ‘rosemary’ type tiled roof, the roof was in need of some repair work and also required insulation to allow the home-owners to use the loft in comfort. The roof was a 2 ‘hipped’ construction, meaning that the roof had 3 side rather than a gable. As the property was around 70 years old, quite a number of the tiles were sufficiently weathered to require replacing, as well as the chimney lead-work needing attention.

The Problems

The owners of this property were looking to both repair and guarantee their roof, as well as insulate the roof to allow them to use the loft as extra space. The tiled roof itself was over 70 years old, meaning many of the tiles were showing signs of age and needed to be replaced. Also, the hip tiles were generally in a poor state of repair and many had started to break and slip. As with the tiles, the chimney lead-work was aged and starting to cause a few damp problems within the loft. Within the loft, the roof interior was covered in old mortar ‘torchings’ where the inside of the roof has been back pointed. This mortar was crumbling into the loft space, leaving a dusty mess all over the contents of the loft.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough survey of the roof to determine the exact problems, we set about finding the best solution to all the issues raised. Firstly our trained technicians set about repairing the roof, this involved:

  • Replacing any cracked, broken or missing tiles
  • Re-positioning any slipped tiles
  • Replacing any broken or missing hip tiles
  • Replacing and repairing the chimney lead-work
  • Re-pointing the hips and ridges
  • Patch pointing the chimney stack

As well as fully renovating and repairing the roof, we also specified, supplied and installed 2 Velux roof windows to add daylight to the loft and make it a more usable space. Once this work was completed, we also removed any loose mortar from the underside of the roof and cleaned up the loft space as much as possible. Once the preparation work was completed, we then installed our sprayed foam insulation to the underside of the roof to provide the roof insulation required.

The Outcome

Throughout the course of the work, we had the customer specifications in mind. The customers wanted to make sure the roof was repaired and secured, allowing them the peace of mind that they would have no more problems or repair bills with the roof. The home-owners also wanted to have a comfortable, dry, warm and usable loft space to allow them extra space within the home. Roofing Insulation Services completed all the repair work to the roof, supplied and installed the Velux windows and also insulated the roof, providing everything the home-owner was looking for. They no longer had the worries over the ageing roof or the dusty, draughty loft and had a warm comfortable loft space to use for anything they wished.